Open source DDS generator

This project is an open source (hardware & software) DDS generator, based on: smart TFT module, AD9834, LM7171 fast amplifier.

Step-up switching regulator

This is a DC-DC step-up converter based on LM2585-ADJ regulator manufactured by Texas Instruments. This IC was choosen for it's simplicity of use, requiring minimal external components.

Motorcycle Universal Gear Indicator

This is a new design for a universal gear indicator that can be fitted to any motorcycle as an aftermarket accessory. Its main advantage is that its operation depends entirely on the gear shift lever movement.

Open Source 3.2" TFT Smart Display

This project is an open source 3.2" Smart TFT display board. The board is based on a PIC32 and a 3.2' TFT with touchscreen (ILI9320 controller, using 16bits PMP). The software has two main parts.

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