Supply Spares of Obsolete Automation
In the present world there is frequent up- gradation in every field especially in the Electronic Field. The O.E.M. rarely support the old system with the new system and also do not easily provide the spares of the old system. They declare it obsolete and not available. The user has to opt for the up gradation with the new system which turns to be very costly.
WE “ELIXIR INDIA” can help such customers by supplying spares of old Systems. We supply spares refurbished and new of CNC, DCS, PLC, DRIVES and PRE- PRESS systems.

We have the large inventory of following Systems.
Siemens Simatic S7-200,300,400
Siemens Simatic S5-095u,100u,110,115,130,150,135,155, Batteries,
Memory Modules, Operator Panels.
Allen-Bradley Plc.
Ge Fanuc Plc.
Siemens Drives
L&T Yaskawa Modules.
Phillips Cnc Parts.
Fuji Electric Japan Plc & Drives.
Heidenhain Parts.
Creo/Scitex, Agfa, Screen, Heidelberg[Pre-Press]----Cpu, Tsp, Spinner,Vlsi, Sfl,Cid, Rip , Cri, Strope, Spinner Driver.Static Optic, Sdm,.

S5 TO S7 Conversion
ELIXIR INDIA has teamed up with soft work, a Siemens solutions provider with a great deal of experience in migrating S5 systems to provide you with S7 migration. Solutions that are cost effective but is your productions needs.

Industries we work for
Process control instruments.
CNC machine tools.
Petrochemical and oil exploration
Offset and pre-press
Medical equipments.
Food processing
Material handling and packaging industries.
Manufacturing industries.
Telecommunications, radar& navigational equipments.
Injection and molding machines.

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