In a maintenance environment we are looking into a PCB that had been working satisfactorily for months or years together and has now failed due to some reason. Elixir India is not looking for design or manufacturing problems. We look for faulty components or a faulty interconnection.

We have state of art testing equipment laboratory equipped with all required test and measure instrument, simulators and an intelligent tester that test the PCB at component level. It simulates appropriate inputs to a device, measures its corresponding output response and declares whether it is functionally good or bad. It also means that this testing and verification is done on the board without having to physically remove the device from the PCB. We also use different testing tools to verify the interconnections between components.

Using this method, we test and verify each device. We can also check and confirm the customer made chip and components. This is done without schematics and circuit diagram of PCB.

We Undertake Repairs Of Card and PCB's For